Journal of the West


Instructions for Reviewers

The JOURNAL of the WEST is aimed at the knowledgeable Western History enthusiast as well as the academic. Thank you so much for your willingness to contribute your book review(s). The following are some instructions to keep in mind.

Volunteering to Review a Book

  • Often, JOURNAL of the WEST sends books to be reviewed out to specific reviewers, as the Journal editor is aware of their expertise. However, the Journal receives such a large volume of books for review that this is not always possible.
  • People listed in JOURNAL of the WEST's reviewer file may volunteer for any book not already sent out for review. Click the box below to view books for review, and requests may be sent to Journal of the West

    If you would like to get the most recent list of books to be reviewed please contact Books to be Reviewed

General Information

  • Reviews submitted to the JOURNAL of the WEST must be original and offered exclusively.
  • If you feel that the title you have been sent should NOT be reviewed, please e-mail and let us know the reasons.
  • It is very important that, aside from a brief synopsis, you write a review of the book rather than a report that simply reiterates the theme and/or facts of publication, or background information on the author(s) and editor(s), or catalogs long lists of facts such as chapter titles, contributors, works of art and/or photographs, etc. In other words, tell us what you think about the book and why, as the readers will be looking for your educated opinion. You might consider some of the following points in your review:
    1. the authority of the author
    2. the author's style
    3. the scope of contents and sources
    4. special features, illustrations, etc.
    5. how the present work stands up compared to both the author's announced intent and other work on the subject or in the field
    6. whether or not this is a reissue, translation, or other variation of an earlier work
    7. what contribution the work makes to Western American history.
  • Please keep any quotation very short and cite the page number in parentheses. If the preface or foreword were written by an especially noteworthy individual, please note. If the work is very poor, feel free to give it a limited review.
  • The review, which is considered a "work done for hire," will be copyrighted with the issue in the name of the JOURNAL of the WEST.
  • The JOURNAL of the WEST editorial staff will be accessible to you and will work with you to publish a worthwhile contribution to the field of Western American history.


  • Please limit the review to 200 words. If the review is longer, we may need to edit it down.
  • Articles are to be submitted in Microsoft Word format, and may either be e-mailed or submitted on diskette or CD-ROM.
  • When typing the review, do not hit a hard return at the end of each line; simply allow the computer to enter a soft return.
  • All pages must be numbered consecutively. Place the author's name under the title on the first page.
  • Use a single tab for paragraph indents.
  • Do not use hyphenation codes; use Word Wrap. Do not use HYPERLINKS.